By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s an ominous prediction, the end of the world will happen exactly one month from Wednesday. It’s the Mayan theory the end of their calendar means the end of civilization.

Sound the alarm, grab the camouflage and put on that gas mask. It could be the end of the world as we know it in one short month. Just like how it was laid out in the movie “2012”, if you believe the Mayan calendar theory, it’s all over Dec. 21. We’re in a doomsday tailspin.

“I do believe it’s gonna happen,” said one man.

Folks just like him are coming into military surplus stores.

“There’s people that come in saying I need to get as much stuff as I can as quickly as I can, regardless of how much money it costs,” said Nick Nordman, an employee at Action Military Surplus.

They are getting stuff like meals ready to eat, mirrors ready to signal, and knives ready to cut. Parents are getting their kids ready, too, by buying children’s gas masks.

“We had about 30. We have about four or five left,” said Nordman.

It’s as clear as a solar-powered radio, some really think time is ticking.

They’re tuned into the prediction at Taqueria Maya on Broadway in Sacramento, where the “N” may be missing but the questions are coming from curious customers.

“All the time, they come in and say ‘where’s the Mayan food?’ We let them know it’s just our last name,” said Tony Maya.

He may not be Mayan, but he is on the fence about the Mayan mindset.

“You know what? There’s a possibility they might be correct, because there’s been a lot of natural disasters going on in the world,” said Maya.

It’s a world where some are getting set for what they believe will be the final month, with just days until doomsday.


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