TURLOCK (CBS13) – It’s all but official, 49ers’ backup quarterback, and Turlock native, Colin Kaepernick will get to start on Sunday.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t confirm it, but Kaepernick’s teammate Donte Whitner did.

There is no question he is the talk of the town. People at Dust Bowl Brewing have watched Kaepernick’s career all the way since high school. So they’re pretty fired up he’s getting set to make his second start for the 49ers.

He buried the Chicago Bears and all signs point toward Kaepernick getting a shot at an encore.

“It’s phenomenal. I’m so excited; I’m so happy for him,” friend Allison Gehring said. “It’s just probably any kid’s dream to be a professional athlete.”

They aren’t just 49ers fans at Dust Bowl Brewing, they’re Kaepernick’s friends.

Bartender Gehring has known him since childhood. The bar’s owners are friends of his family. One even used to coach him in high school. Locals have watched him for years, and are now doing so on the biggest stage of all.

“It’s great to see a local California kid whose dream was to play with the (49ers), like a lot of kids in this area’s dream, and he’s actually getting a chance to succeed on this level,” said Nick Peterson.

Harbaugh refused to officially name Kaepernick as his starter. Even Kaepernick’s father Rick says he doesn’t know for sure, and swears he hasn’t asked.

“We don’t put Colin in that spot and ask him if he’s going to start,” he said. “That’s a team’s thing.”

Rick, admitting he sounds a little political, says he just wants what’s best for the team. However, multiple reports, citing NFL sources, have Kaepernick getting the nomination against the Saints.

It’s hard to top his dazzling debut, but his dad says it could be just the beginning for a budding NFL star from right here in our own backyard.

“I don’t think he’ll ever be satisfied until there’s a super bowl behind his name, and I know that’s far-reaching, but that is what his goal is,” said Rick.

Dust Bowl is closed on Mondays, so the game against the Bears was missed, but is sure to be packed this Sunday to watch the hometown kid get his second start.

Multiple reports say Harbaugh has informed Alex Smith that Kaepernick will start Sunday; but he denied that at his news conference Friday.


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