SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – They are officially the world’s heaviest triplets, and they live right here in Sacramento.

CBS13 had the chance to meet the Deen triplets when they were first born. Now they’re home, healthy and still putting on the pounds.

“If they’re eating every three hours that’s seven to eight feedings, 28 bottles a day,” dad Jason Deen said.

Little Jenson, at five pounds and five and a half ounces, was not quite as big as Elliot, born seven pounds and three ounces. But it was the youngest, Sydney, that was the biggest of the three, born seven pounds.

They were a unique trio from the very beginning, naturally conceived triplets.

“I was scared. I was shocked. I was nervous,” mom Brittany Deen said.

They were carried nearly to full term, and tipping the scale like no set of siblings before them.

“We knew it was a possibility we might be record breakers,” said Brittany.

And they were at 20 pounds of baby. This holiday week, they’re finally all home together.

“The biggest adjustment is our sleep schedule. They do wake up every three hours at night, it’s been a change for me getting up at night,” said Jason.

The three bouncing baby boys were born on Nov. 8; and for two and a half weeks now, it’s been a bit of a juggling act.

“It was still tough to have one in the hospital, and I was going in the evenings, she in the morning. It was so great to have everyone home and be a family,” said Jason.

Now that all the babies are home, the chaos is confined to a comfy nursery, mom and dad’s arms, and lots of visitors.

“We had a lot of help from family, friends, coworkers…neighbors stopping by the house bringing food,” said Brittany.

The triplets are one of a kind and three times the cuteness.

“It becomes less about yourself and more about the family, as the family gets bigger like this,” said Jason.

The babies’ new title breaks the record set last year in Raleigh, North Carolina by more than a pound.

To conceive triplets naturally is a one in 8,000 occurrence.


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