VALLEJO (CBS13) — Vallejo police arrested a 44-year-old father on suspicion of fatally shooting a teenager who fought his son at a party over the weekend.

Lt. Sid DeJesus said Randee Damar Williams’ 19-year-old son called his father after being in a fight with a 17-year-old Richmond boy as a house party was winding down. He said Williams came to the house and shot the teen around 3:35 a.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived at the house, they found the victim’s body on the ground with gunshot wounds in his body and head. He was identified as Gary White.

Officers later surrounded Williams’ house in the 1000 block of Thelma in Vallejo where he was taken into custody without further incident. He was interviewed and booked into the Solano County Jail on a charge of murder.

“I could never in a million years think of doing anything like that,” neighbor Rhonda Gould said. “If my daughter was in a fight I would just take her away.”

Neighbors told CBS13 that Williams pulled up in his truck, got out and just started firing.

Gould heard the gunshots.

“We were woken up by 4 and it sounded like it was just right outside,” she said.

White died at the scene.

“I just closed the window back up and sat there with my hand over my mouth and just couldn’t believe it,” Gould said.

CBS13 went by Williams’ home on Monday, but we were told to leave.

“This is my grandchildren’s home,” a woman yelled. “I’m asking you to leave now!”

But a friend and neighbor of Williams said he’s in shock the situation got so out of control.

“I don’t believe he went there to do anything other than pick up his son and maybe figure out what was going on,” Justin Knott said. “He’s a man who sticks up for his family.”

But now a teenager is dead and a father with a family is behind bars facing murder charges.

“I just think it’s ridiculous,” Ghould said. “He took the kid, he stripped him of his life.”

“I’m heartfelt for the family of the victim because this is tragic,” Knott said.


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