By Tony Lopez

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – No need to check with Santa on this one – these boys are definitely on the naughty list after stealing Christmas decorations from a Rio Linda home.

It happened mostly off-camera. Thieves stole a giant inflatable snowman and a life-sized Santa – a 6-1/2-foot-tall version of Saint Nick – in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

The hooded hoodlums didn’t showing their faces, but they did show how low they can go, stealing a brand new Christmas display from a Rio Linda home.

Daniel Lindenfeld’s home surveillance cameras captured the Christmas caper. Too bad he wasn’t watching this as it was happening.

“If I would have saw this live, I probably would have run out and tried to scare them off,” he said.

Now all he can do is put out a plea along with images of the suspects. His letter starts with “Anyone recognize these lovely kids?”

“They’re hardly lovely,” he said. “If they do things like this, it’s ridiculous. They need to leave people’s stuff alone.”

Daniel just hopes their holiday hijinks come at a high price. Forget about coal in their stockings. He wants these guys collared and cuffed.

“I think they’re just a bunch of kids being idiots,” he said. “They think it’s funny to steal people’s stuff off their lawns.”

The family told CBS13 they put the display up to welcome home their son, who’s returning from the military next month.


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