STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton family was putting up Christmas decorations as a baby slept in a back bedroom when a car crashed into their living room Monday night.

“I didn’t see my son, nothing, I thought my son and my daughter died,” Vandoun Thorm’s mother said, breaking up in tears.

Debris filled the living room as the car plowed through the family’s home Monday evening. The car hit Vandoun, who was then trapped by flying furniture.

“He got up and there was blood everywhere,” Sanny Lon said.

“China cabinet on me, whatever was behind me was on me, then out of nowhere I had the energy to just pop up, seeing everything, not believing what I see,” Vandoun said.

His loved one was stuck.

“My foot got jammed with the coffee table and car,” Sanny said. “I couldn’t move it. I was yelling.”

Rescuing her was anything but easy. Others inside the home gathered to lift the table and part of the car, freeing the young woman.

“Adrenaline rush was just kicking in,” Vandoun said.

As the family called for help, Stockton police quickly arrested the pair of teens who ran from the scene. Moments before the crash, officers tried stopping them for driving a stolen car taken in a carjacking.

Relatives believe a photo in the home is the reason they survived. The family was hanging it in the living room Monday night.

“It’s her mom’s picture right there,” Sanny said. “It’s like she’s watching over us. Thank God none of us lost of our lives. We are really thankful to be alive and be together again.”

The couple’s baby is usually playing in the room but was sleeping in a nearby bedroom at the time of the crash and was not injured.


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