The day begins with Don’s phone call from the writer for the Lifetime Channel yesterday, in which the writer read a few parts of his script that he’s working on about Don’s childhood, and his relationship with his parents. Don tells us why he’s a bit apprehensive about the script (it’s written from his mom’s perspective), and is uncertain about it being “TV worthy.” We then hear about Drew and Craig’s conversation over the break, where they discussed what they would buy if they won the lottery (women).

After hearing Angus T. Jones has “found God,” and is telling people to not watch “Two and a Half Men,” Don sends Craig out to IHOP, and Denny’s, for another edition of “May I Have A Bite Of That Please?” We then hear about Chris Brown’s Twitter battle with comedienne Jenny Johnson, and Don brings in our good buddy Taxi Dave, who was just on Tosh.O last week. Dave talks about being on Daniel Tosh’s show, and what he has next for his taxi cab enterprise.

We also hear about a new scam on Facebook, and the guys discuss why Twitter is so much better, before Don introduces a new contest for the listeners to win Kings tickets for tonight’s game: What is the most unusual job you’ve ever have? It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us that Jimi Hendrix would be 70 years old today, The Rolling Stones broke curfew on the first show of their tour, Katt Williams is being sued by a Modesto man, and Steven Tyler hates Nicki Minaj. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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