STOCKTON (CBS13) – A 14-year-old aspiring rapper from Stockton is hoping to hit it big with his music video.

It’s already been viewed nearly 8,000 times on YouTube.

The high school student lives in the prestigious Brookside Community and says the rap video is a tribute to his neighborhood.

“We got three story houses,” he raps in the video.

The almost three minute long video of a then 13-year-old Jake Kosich, aka Jake The Snake, shows the teen cruising on bikes and hot-tubing behind the gates the Stockton neighborhood.

“That was awesome. All my friends liked it,” said Kosich.

With the help of his brother, a music industry major in college, Kosich filmed the rap video over the summer.

“It’s pretty much where I live in Brookside, having fun with my friends, what I do pretty much,” said Kosich.

“So I’m headed to the golf course, protesting my chores, mom will never know,” raps Kosich.

They mimic real life.

“I hate doing chores. It’s summer time, so mom won’t know,” he said.

The video, posted on YouTube earlier this month, has drawn some criticism .

User comments accuse the teen of mocking the bankrupt and crime ridden city.

“Haters gonna hate. I don’t really care. It’s cool, they are recognizing my video and have something to say,” said Kosich.

His mother Donna approves of the rap video.

“Stockton does have a bad wrap. It’s good to get something good out there on Stockton once and awhile,” she said.

A high school freshman, Kosich raps as a hobby, but hopes his music career will soar. But, if it doesn’t, he has a backup plan.

“Maybe an ESPN announcer, that would be cool,” he said.


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