By Steve Large

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Grass Valley was one of the areas that received a bunch of rain last week, and parts of a daycare center floated away when a nearby creek flooded.

Talk about a storybook adventure. The kids are all worm and safe inside, but outside it looked like their playhouse was going to sail away in the storm.

Grass Valley’s Sharebears Child Care Center is now recovering from being submerged in storm water. Many of the toys stored in the garage are destroyed.

“I was so shocked,” director Sherry O’Leary said. “I never would have imagined.

All the rain forced nearby Wolf Creek to overflow, soaking the ground around and underneath their building.

“I didn’t have a beachfront property. I had a house boat,” she said.

She had to wade through the water with her own 6-year-old daughter on her shoulders to escape.

“You couldn’t even explain it,” she said. “There was toys everywhere. Play structures were everywhere.”

O’Leary’s cars quickly filled with water too. She expects they will be a complete loss.

The moral of the story in this one?

“The next time the news says there’s a flood warning, move your cars,” she said.

It’s definitely been a December to remember already at Sharebears, where the weather has been stormy, and as Ms. Sherry found out, expensive too. She’s estimating the damage at $20,000 to $30,000, not including the cars.


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