STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police are on the hunt for a pair of men who tried breaking into a Stockton home and then set it on fire on Nov. 30.

The homeowner met with a police sketch artist who created a picture of one of the suspects.

A father came face-to-face with men who tried to break into his house and then set it on fire. The man’s daughter was home alone when the pair took a torch to the family’s back door and tried breaking in.

She first called 911, then her father, who rushed home. Moments later, dad tried stopping the burglars.

“He actually confronted both suspects and grabbed one, and got a real good look at the suspect; but that suspect was able to break free and get away,” said Officer Joseph Silva.

That good look at the bad guys led to the realistic sketch.

“Our investigators are hoping someone will look at this sketch, and provide them with a name,” said Silva.

The attack happened near El Dorado Street and Churchill Street around 10 a.m. Friday.

Thieves somehow got their hands on a torch. It appears they may have used it to open the metal security door, sparking a massive blaze.

The pair of burglars didn’t get away with any valuables, but left behind thousands in damage.

“This fire caused major damage to the entire house,” said Silva.

Police are working on a sketch of the second suspect.


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