Today on the Grant Napear Show, a lot of talk surrounded the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco 49ers. Grant discussed Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins and took calls about Cousins and the issues that the Lakers currently face. Along with that, Grant interviewed Carlos Rogers and Tim Legler.

Carlos Rogers from the 49ers was on with Grant today to discuss the team’s status heading into week 14 against the Miami Dolphins. Carlos discussed what went wrong in the team’s loss to the St. Louis Rams, as well as what they’ve done to bounce back against the Dolphins. He also talked about the Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick situation, as well as what makes Aldon Smith such a terrific pass rusher.

NBA writer Tim Legler joined Grant today to talk about the NBA through the first month. Tim and Grant talked about Mike D’Antoni and the Lakers’ current situation, and why Dwight Howard can’t consistently make free throws. Tim also discussed the fining of the San Antonio Spurs for Gregg Popovich sitting his stars against the Miami Heat.


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