SONORA (CBS13) – It was a very scary day for some Sonora Elementary students after reports of gunshots put the school on lockdown Thursday.

“My reading teacher let me go to the bathroom and I heard gunshots,” student Brennan Katz said.

Those sounds of gunfire sparked a school wide lockdown.

“Small town, we don’t expect things like that up here,” said Alia Katz, Brennan’s mother.

It was a tense two hours for students and parents after a teacher told administrators she heard gunshots, and then spotted a man dressed in camouflage. He possibly was armed with a rifle in the field directly behind campus.

“We went into lockdown and just got to stay calm, and make the right decisions,” Principle Chris Boyles said.

Administrators kept about 670 students, kindergarten through 8th grade, inside while police officers scoured the area for a possible shooter.

Police never found a gunman behind the school, and by the afternoon, campus returned to normal.

“Really, when I look at this lockdown, it was based on being better to be safe than sorry,” said Boyles.

Police say there’s a shooting range near the school, but it’s not clear if that’s where the shots were coming from.


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