MANTECA (CBS13) – A Manteca couple’s home was invaded by masked gunman, who stole Christmas presents, priceless heirlooms and even threatened to shoot the family dog.

The man says the shaky robber pointed the gun just inches from his face.

“I could see a silver barrel sticking out of my mouth,” said Patrick.

That’s what he and his wife woke up to after at least four masked, armed robbers attacked.

“I’m laying there and there’s this flashlight pointing at my face and a guy with a gun,” he said.

Faced with death, Patrick didn’t fight back. He obeyed the gunman demanding valuable jewelry he wore to bed, which included his wedding ring, and a gold chain necklace with diamond and gold nugget.

It’s a prized possession, a gift from his son who died two decades ago.

“The only one I can’t replace is the one my son gave me, who was killed in a car accident,” said Patrick. “My necklace is gone.”

After stealing jewelry, the masked men made off with more valuables.

“Got all of our TVs, all of our computers,” said Patrick.

Patrick and his family waited in silence for the nightmare to end. About 15 minutes later, the home was ransacked. Their family car was loaded with their belongings and was being driven away by violent thieves.

“This isn’t supposed to happen in Manteca,” he said. “I’m just a different person now. My trust is really gone.”

Police are looking for the family’s car. It’s a 2006 Jeep Cherokee with the license plate INMEMJG, which is in honor of their late son.


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