SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – On Sunday, the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office identified the suspect that was shot and killed in a standoff at a Jack in the Box.

“The gunman was sporadic, unpredictable and he was violent,” said Officer Michele Gigante said.

A nearly four-hour standoff began Saturday around 12:30 p.m. after 26-year-old Xang Khang, of Sacramento, attempted to rob the restaurant located in the College Greens Shopping Center at 8349 Folsom Boulevard near the Raley’s grocery store, Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Doug Morse confirmed.

Khang Xang

Khang Xang

A witness said that customers were seen dashing out of the restaurant, but two female hostages were held inside. Around 3 p.m., one of the women was able to walk out of the Jack in the Box, but police are not sure how. About an hour later, the second woman was escorted out by police as they moved in on the suspect. The women have not been identified.

Police say Khang has a record that includes charges of DUI, domestic violence, and drug use.

“My parents said they don’t want anyone bothering us or anything,” a family member said.

CBS13 tried to ask his family why they think Khang turned violent, but they didn’t want to talk as they gathering to grieve.

A day after the fatal standoff, the Jack in the Box remains closed.

“It’s always disappointing, the neighborhood you live in, when anything violent happens,” resident Dylan Paxton said.

Broken glass, boarded up windows, and even a bullet hole show signs of a crime that rattled many, especially the employee who police say Khang held hostage, threatening her life for hours.

“He was using the hostages as a shield, a human shield,” said Gigante.

Other hostages were also put in harms way but got out safely. One woman was there until the end, when Khang was killed by police.

Investigators are looking for any surveillance video in the busy shopping center because cameras at the restaurant were not working Saturday.


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