DAVIS (CBS13) – UC Davis Medical Center wants a gift that keeps on giving. On its wish list this year is a piece of equipment that could save babies’ lives.

It’s a memorable exciting moment, the birth of your child, but that feeling could quickly turn to fear.

“One out of every 2,000 babies is born under adverse conditions and is at risk, or has a brain injury at the time of delivery,” said Dr. Robin Steinhorn.

Eight pound little Abram, born Friday, is now at UC Davis Medical Center under a specialized newborn cooling unit, which is designed to keep the baby’s overall temperature down.

“This is very time-sensitive,” said Steinhorn.

The unit helps to stop any further brain damage, and allow the baby time to recover.

“More than half the babies who receive it go on to thrive beautifully,” said Steinhorn.

UC Davis Medical Center currently has two units and now is wishing for a third.

“This problem touches so many — touches babies in Sacramento, and it allows us to really make sure every baby can get the care that he or she needs,” said Steinhorn.

But with a $45,000 price tag, the center is hoping for a Christmas miracle.

“These are very challenging times for all of us,” said Steinhorn. “Personally, these are challenging times for healthcare.”

“We get very limited funding from the state; the rest comes from donations,” said Jacquelyn Kay-Mills, manager of Children’s Miracle Network for UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

The center is asking citizens to help by logging onto the Children’s Miracle Network and making an online donation.

“We all want to make an impact. We all want to make a difference, and so together we can do that,” said Kay-Mills.

The hospital is also looking for the basic necessities, everything from baby diapers to blood pressure cuffs.

“There is always a need,” said Kay-Mills.

Serving 33 counties and 5 million people in Northern California, UC Davis Medical Center is the only hospital in Northern California with this kind of advanced newborn technology.

To donate, you can go to givemiracles.fundly.com/cool-babies-progarm


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