DUNNIGAN (CBS13) – Sacramento County has released the mugshot of comedian Micah “Katt” Williams, who was arrested last Friday in Yolo County after surrendering to deputies.

A Yolo County sheriff’s deputy arrested the comedian at a Dunnigan Chevron gas station off County Road 89 after Williams walked up to a deputy and said, “I hear you guys are looking for me.”

He was taken into custody, without incident, because of a warrant out for his arrest in Sacramento County.

He gave the deputy his address in Woodland Hills, which is near Los Angeles. Williams is due in court on Jan. 7 at 1:30 p.m.

Just before he approached a deputy, he was at the Dunnigan general store where the clerk said he racked up $400 in groceries.

“Bought a bag of dog food, 12 packs of soda, a lot of batteries, some hats, some ice cream, breads, tortillas, candies, Red Bull, a full case,” Tony Ravinder Singh.

The clerk did not realize he had a wanted celebrity in his store. He said Williams was on his best behavior.

“He acted very nice,” Singh said. “He just came in the store, bought stuff and just left. That’s it.”

The comedian was not on his best behavior in video from a show in Seattle. It looks like Williams whipped an audience member with his microphone. That audience member is now filing a lawsuit against him.

That incident came after allegations that Williams punched a woodland Target employee two weeks ago and in addition to the police chase in downtown Sacramento that led to his arrest Friday after the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office filed a felony charge against him.

As the comedian faces multiple charges in multiple cities, his last two tour dates are now cancelled.

Williams claim after his Seattle arrest that he’s now done with comedy for good.


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