WOODLAND (CBS13) – Heavy fog is being blamed in an accident that shut down the connector ramp between two major roadways near Woodland.

The chain-reaction accident happened just after 6:30 Tuesday morning on Westbound Interstate 80 and the connector ramp to Highway 113 in Woodland as heavy fog in the area made visibility very poor.

The crash began when a driver slammed into the side of a car attempting to make a u-turn. An ambulance responded to the crash with its lights on. A big rig driver was nearly on top of the accident when he saw the flashing lights of the ambulance and slammed on his breaks. The sudden stop caused the load of metal rods known as rebar to catapult forward, puncturing the gas tank on the truck before flying into the roadway.

Fire crews say 25-30 gallons of diesel spilled before they could plug the hole in the tank. The connector ramp was shut down while crews worked to clean up the diesel spill and rebar before towing the truck.


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