ANTELOPE (CBS13) – A teenager was attacked at night and sexually assaulted at an Antelope elementary school and the suspect remains at large.

Word was just getting out Tuesday afternoon that a teenager was sexually assaulted not too far from where children usually play.

“It’s just scary,” Kim Gillis said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department issued a sketch of the mystery guy deputies are searching to find. The attack happened last month as the 19-year-old was walking near Olive Grove Elementary School and Firestone Park.

It was a surprise attack.

Investigators said it all began with a casual stroll down the street when the victim encountered the suspect.

They had a brief conversation, went their separate ways, and then minutes later he reportedly grabbed her and assaulted her. He then fled the scene.

“This is really, really sad,” Inna Gristkov said.

Inna and her 1-month-old baby boy live in this neighborhood. She walks the streets often.

“If this happened to me, I don’t know what I would do,” she said.

She and the other moms who bring their children here have always felt safe. But until this guy is caught, they won’t anymore.

“Never had problems, never heard anything,” she said. “This is the first time.”


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