SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Forget Tebowing, it’s now all about Kaepernicking.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick celebrated a touchdown Sunday by kissing his bicep and tattoos. It’s catching on with fans who are now tweeting pictures of themselves Kaepernicking.

Kaepernick’s last touchdown scored the 49ers a win against Miami and ended with the beginning of a new trend. Now Turlock hometown boy is a Twitter trend filling up the feed for all football fans.

From around the nation in red and gold, students in Davis, dogs in Folsom, and kids in Reno, they’re all doing it. They’re tweeting a kiss to the bicep with the simple hash tag Kaepernicking.

Kaepernick scored, and then smooched his tattoos after the stink over his ink. But he has since proven he’s proud of the bible verses he forever etched into his arm.

“It’s a freedom of expression,” said one man.

Now it’s an expression scoring national attention.

At Sports Fever, they’re seeing all things Kaepernick fly off the shelves.

“Jerseys just not lasting at all,” said Tim Cowan.

Even the stuffed animals are supporting the straight A student from Turlock.

His former Nevada football team, now at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, is also Kapernicking.

“We love Kap and we’re 100 percent behind the Kaepernicking movement. I think you’ll see more Kaepernicking from us during the bowl game on Saturday,” Guard Chris Barker said.

“He’s pretty good. I like to watch him scramble,” said one fan.

CBS13’s Neda Iranpour posted a picture of the lip to bicep bash, and much to her surprise, Kaepernick himself liked the Instagram.

You may remember a 49er quarterback named Alex Smith before Kaepernick swooped in, well Smith supporters have their own pictures they’re trying turn into a Twitter trend.

However, the Smithing hash tag isn’t quite as popular as the Kapernicking hash tag. Smith’s popularity is down since he hasn’t been on the field; and in the world of football, that’s what happens when you’ve been benched.

Kaepernick and the 49ers are getting ready to play the New England Patriots Sunday, and the quarterback will need all the Kapernicking he can get.

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