SAN JOAQUIN DELTA (CBS13/AP) – The tide is high, and it’s holding on.

Some Californians were in for another day of ankle-deep seawater in low-lying coastal communities Friday as unusually high “king tides” pulled the Pacific farther ashore than normal and even brought high water levels to the Delta.

Friday’s high tide is at 9 a.m., and similar conditions are expected.

On Sherman Island in the Delta, kelp and puddles of water showed just how high the water reached Thursday during the high tides. More of the same was expected Friday.

The unusually high tides Thursday brought localized flooding to several low-lying communities along the California coast causing some damage, but in most instances, just a nuisance.

In Orange County, the tide flooded Pacific Coast Highway, other streets and garages in the Sunset Beach section of Huntington Beach while down the coast Newport Bay was brimming.

Just north of San Francisco, Thursday morning’s tide swamped a commuter parking lot in Marin City and seeped into dozens of cars.

King tides occur several times a year when the Earth, moon and sun align in a way that increases gravitational pull on the Earth’s oceans, raising water levels several feet above normal high tides. The non-scientific term also refers to extremely low tides.

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