It’s the Holiday Show! The last show of the year, and the guys jump right into the Absinthe that a loyal listener brought in for the guys.

As Craig plays bartender, the guys first open Drew’s gifts, which are all sex toys, including blow up dolls for Little Joe and Slow Joe, a vibrating butt plug for Craig, and a jelly penis for Phantom that glows in the dark! The guys play with the toys for a bit, and then Deuce Mason stops by to spread some yuletide cheer, before Don and the guys talk about Walt Gray’s new show, and Don tells the Nick Toma story again.

Don then does his annual Christmas tradition of playing the Beatles Christmas greetings 45’s he got as a kid, and we get an in studio visit from our good buddy, comedian Bobby Slayton. Bobby talks about Bill Hicks, Greg Giraldo, Louis CK, his movies “Bandits,” and “Ed Wood,” and being married. It’s then time for a quick “Phantom News Hour,” in which Phantom and the guys talk about the breaking news in Connecticut, a shooting at an elementary school. Then Don wraps the year up with a caller 100.


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