GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – The Granite Bay Grizzlies were able to hold on to a 21 to 20 lead to beat Long Beach Poly Friday night and claim the Division 1 state championship title.

This school can add 2012 to their list as state champions, but the Grizzlies are doing something that this school has never seen before.

They have plenty of reason to celebrate after their win, and for the first time, the school won in a bowl game as Division 1 state champs.

“It was really like a dream come true for us,” Beau Hershberger said.

They wear their green with pride, chanting their school songs on this first day back as champions. So of course Coach Ernie Cooper is going to announce “no practice.”

Monday was all about congratulating the green machine.

“Friday night was a magical night,” said Cooper. “Our guys played at the highest level you can play.”

This won’t be the end of the road for most of these players, using their now-elite status to get college money.

“I’m hoping to go D-1 next year,” Hershberger said of his college hopes.

But for right now, boys will be boys as they bask in the glory of a game that earned them serious bragging rights.

The hefty trophy, special to their hearts, is going in Granit Bay High School’s main office with pride.

Their golf team won the state championships last year. Their football team was named state champions in 2000 for Division 2, before they had bowl games.


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