CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – Four people have a new home in the Sacramento County Jail after they reportedly made themselves at home in a vacant Carmichael residence.

“Kind of scary that I didn’t even know that somebody was living next to us,” neighbor Ryan Nord said.

“We had no idea,” Sue Worthington said.

This Carmichael neighborhood is now learning four alleged squatters had illegally taken over the home on Wingate Drive, living there for days or possibly weeks.

“It’s tragic that somebody has to do that,” neighbor Tom Van Aken said.

It’s obvious the house is for sale, but neighbors didn’t know strangers were allegedly using it as a homeless hideout.

“You don’t know what’s going on,” Van Aken said. “It’s kind of scary sometimes. You hear noises. Your dogs bark.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department was called to the home when the suspects were allegedly seen by neighbors peering out the windows.

When deputies got there, they say they found them sleeping on the floor with the oven door open and heat blasting out.

“Yeah, the oven was on but they weren’t cooking anything,” Sgt. Jason Ramos said. “It looks like these four individuals were just staying in. Whether it was to keep warm or just looking for a place to sleep, we’re not quite sure yet.”

But the question remains, how did they get in? They say a mystery woman by the name of Pamela gave them a key. Investigators say the four couldn’t explain who Pamela was or where she lived. They’re now squatting in jail.

Some neighbors have mixed feelings about the whole deal.

“I feel bad for them and I don’t want them next door,” Worthington said.

“It’s not anything against those people who were squatting,” Van Aken said. “They need a place to stay, they’re hungry, they need warmth. Sorry about that.”


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