GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – If you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, you may want to turn to Grass Valley’s crime log.

The Union newspaper is looking to make some profits off of some of the ridiculous 911 calls the police department receives.

The Union is filled with plenty of valuable articles, but the paper’s police blotter seems to get the most attention. In fact, you can get it now with your cup of joe.

“A man called 911 to say his wife left him and took the dog. The man wants the dog back.”

That’s one example of a 911 call to Grass Valley police that can now be copied onto coffee mugs.

“We appreciate there’s humor in what we do,” Grass Valley police Capt. Rex Marks said.

It’s a small town with its fair share of silly crimes.

“A man was pulled over for not having headlights and actually tried to tape two flashlights to his car,” Brian Hamilton, the paper’s managing editor, said of one blotter item.

“A man was heard screaming. Turned out to be an overzealous game of beer pong,” he said of another.

“It occurred to us it would make a nice collectible or stocking stuffer,” he said.

Those calls can now be purchased and posted on your mug, magnet, T-shirt or apron.

Here’s one: “A drunk guy threatened a caller with a cowbell and a water bottle of iced tea.”

“When we have to respond to these, we’re kind of relieved that’s what were dealing with,” Marks said.

Police would take a call like this over a crime any day: “There’s a lady at a stop sign with barely any clothes. Turns out the woman was a mannequin.”

“I remember a lady’s bird got stuck in a tree so she called 911,” one woman recalled.

Coutnless calls call for a laugh or two, but Marks reminds that police work often is serious business.

“Behind every one of those, there’s some serious events we’ve been involved with and put our lives on the line out there,” he said.

But since these 911 calls are constantly coming in and often entertaining, the paper will be putting more of them up on their website – and stay tuned for the best blotters of 2012.


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