SUISUN CITY (CBS13) – Investigators say a Suisun City teenager threatened to carry out a copycat school shooting, landing him behind bars.

He allegedly made the troubling comments on Facebook, and the posts have since been removed.

The posts were outrageous. The 18-year-old allegedly praised the shooter in last week’s Connecticut school shooting, but he went further, threatening to kill people in a senior care home.

Police thought Sergio Cabada’s Facebook posts crossed the line from free speech to crime and arrested him Monday.

“I think what he said was stupid, but I don’t think he meant it,” his ex-girlfriend Amanda Lunceford said.

But other friends didn’t find the teen’s Facebook posts funny.

“People that were friends of his on Facebook were worried enough about it that they actually approached one of our officers on the street,” Fairfield police Lt. Greg Hurlbut said. “It’s better to be safe to than sorry.”

The Facebook posts were shocking. Cabada allegedly wrote Friday, “My heart goes out to the shooter in Connecticut who had the nerve to do what he wanted to do.”

He also wrote , “I legitimately have wanted to go into a mall and shoot people to see what it’s like.”

What’s even more horrifying, a post read: “I give him props for the small children. They are small, harder targets that can hide.”

But it was the threat he allegedly made against people in a senior care center that ultimately landed the teen behind bars.

“It’s very similar to the example everyone gives about going into a crowded movie theater and yelling fire,” Hurbult said. “There’s just certain things that you should probably keep to yourself.”

Cabada was arrested at his home, where police confiscated his computer and guns belonging to his parents. Police say the firearms were easily accessible.

“He should have thought before he said it,” Lunceford said. “He is 18, things could happen. He could learn from it now.”

Cabada had bailed out Tuesday. CBS13 tried to find him at his home. Instead, his father answered the door.

“There is no comment to be made by Sergio or anyone else, but the posts were irresponsible and have been retracted,” he said.

The teen has since posted an apology on Facebook, but it was too late to avoid him facing felony charges.

“I think it’s the best thing for the kid,” parent James Godsey said. “You got to take these threats a little more serious because you don’t know if the kid’s going to do something stupid like that.”


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