GALT (CBS13) – Police say a mother in Galt was found smoking pot in a room she shared with her baby.

Investigators tell CBS13 that they have frequented this hotel on many occasions, and have had contact with the young lady.

“Everyday they’re here, everyday,” said one man.

People at the Royal Delta Inn in Galt are used to seeing police.

“The meth and the heroin, and all that type of stuff, you get that all around here, especially in Galt – all the time, small town,” said Robert Soto, motel resident.

Tatum Harrison, 30, is accused of exposing her child to narcotics. Police say on Tuesday she and five other adults were in a room when officers – investigating an unrelated incident – smelled familiar smoke coming through the door.

“There was a very strong odor in there,” said Sgt. John Rocha, Galt Police Department.

Officers couldn’t believe what they saw, and what they smelled in that room.

“By the time I got in there, it was difficult to breathe just because of the odor and the smoke,” said Rocha.

Police say while Harrison was holding her baby, she walked to the front door through the thick marijuana smoke. Looking around, investigators say they also noticed baggies with meth residue inside. So they immediately took the toddler.

“For the child’s safety, she was taken into protective custody and turned over to CPS,” said Rocha.

Investigators say the child is still with CPS.

Harrison has bonded out of jail, but didn’t answer the door when CBS13 tried to contact her.


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