By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s a fast-paced movie about the crazy backroom deals of a California political consultant, and it’s based on a true story of one local man.

“There’s been some really good political movies out there,” said Chris Lehane.

Give him some credit before the movie starts. He found a good looking guy to play him.

Rob Lowe plays Lehane, and no one is ever going to confuse these two.

“As my wife said when Rob decided to do this film, ‘no one is going to confuse the two of you,’ ” Lehane said.

The film “Knife Fight” stars Rob Lowe and is based on truth. It’s a reference to the cut throat business of politics.

“Everyone else wants to steer clear and you go right to the center,” said Lehane of why he loves the cutthroat business.

He’s smiling when CBS13 spoke to him about the film, but Lehane is known for handling some of the worst political scenarios. He started in the Clinton administration, helping manage the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals.

“I took away from that experience that in some small way I potentially helped him get into office and stay in office, particularly when he was going through the impeachment process,” Lehane said.

Since then Lehane has carved out a career as a political expert, hired to do anything and everything to win a political race. However, there is only one line he won’t cross.

“In my life, the line has been that people who are so-called civilians, people who are not necessarily part of the (political) process, family members, others, are folks that ought not to be part of the process,” said Lehane.

He’s a man hired to do the dirty work; but in the movie, it turns out he cleans up pretty well. And, he’s pretty happy about Lowe portraying him on screen.

“I levered up so much on this,” said Lehane. “You know how much mileage I’m going to get for the rest of my life?”


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