By Steve Large

SUTTER CREEK (CBS13) – A woman is accused of stealing her boss’ money to pay off her personal credit cards, pay for gas, and even to donate to a high school band.

District Attorney Todd Riebe says in total, the amount reached more than $300,000.

There was no spirit of giving. The Amador County district attorney says Maja Johnson made a career out of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her boss at Safeguard Pest Control.

“In the 15 years since I’ve been in office, this is one of the biggest alleged embezzlements we’ve ever had,” said Riebe.

Court documents show that Johnson, the former company office manager, is from a prominent Amador County family. She is the daughter-in-law of 33-year Amador County Recorder-Clerk Sheldon Johnson, who just retired Wednesday. It was the same day she bailed out of jail.

The lights were on at her home when CBS13 stopped by Thursday night, but no one came to the door.

Details in her arrest warrant allege she took her boss’ money to pay for her own debts and expenses. Over five years, she took $182,000 to pay her own American Express card, $15,000 for a Visa card, $30,000 for a Chevron card, and even an $800 check to the Amador High School band, where Johnson was president of the booster club.

All together, $325,000 gone in five years, and that’s only as far back as the bank records allowed the Riebe to go.

“We’re talking almost a year from the time it was reported to the filing of criminal charges,” Riebe said of the investigation.

Johnson has not yet entered a plea. Her next court date is scheduled for Christmas Eve. She is facing up to nine years in state prison if convicted.


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