By Tony Lopez

LODI (CBS13) – There’s an all-out search for one Lodi man’s missing macaw worth thousands of dollars.

Hearing him squawk, it’s as if little bird Sammy is crying out for his companion. Colorful Quervo’s cage is quiet and his ring sits empty.

“It’s devastating. It’s really messed up my life,” said Steve Meidinger.

Up until this past Sunday, it was a life all about spending time with his 17-year-old best bud, a blue and gold macaw worth thousands, but priceless to Meidinger.

“She’s my best friend,” said Meidinger. “I really miss her.”

He last saw Quervo Sunday afternoon on her favorite outside perch in the front yard of his Lodi home.

Unable to fly, Quervo’s clipped wings took off unexpectedly in the hands of a thief.

Witnesses tell Meidinger they saw a man walking away with the bird on his shoulder.

“The past few days have just been hell, wondering where she’s at and if she’s OK,” said Meidinger.

All he can think about now is how much joy Quervo gave him, like her friendly chat with the family cat or how she’d greet neighbors from her outside perch.

“She’ll go ‘here kitty, kitty’ and she’ll say ‘meow,’ ” said Meidinger. “She liked to say goodbye when they’re walking away, and sometimes she’d say hello.”

The neighborhood kids can’t believe she’s gone either.

“When I say ‘dance,’ she just starts bobbing her head up and down,” one neighborhood boy said.

But now there’s nothing but sadness on an empty tree and in the silent cage.

Sammy’s lonely stroll says it all, while Meidinger prays for a Christmas miracle.

“I just want her back,” he said. “This is terrible.”

It is a terrible twist for a beloved family pet.

“I just really miss her,” Meidinger said.

There is a reward being offered for the bird’s safe return, and Meidinger is asking for the person who took Quervo to simply put her back on her perch.


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