GALT (CBS13) – A simple scratch satisfies the itch as a local lottery player hits the Christmas jackpot.

The million-dollar winner isn’t talking, but the tiny town of Galt is lit up with excitement.

There’s a new millionaire in town. You almost have to look at it twice. The way the “$250 Million Cash Spectacular” scratcher works is you match any number on top with one on the bottom and you win the prize.

“In Galt? That’s crazy,” shocked customer Kayla Frasier said.

What are the chances? A guy walked into Galt’s U-Save Liquors, bought a $10 scratcher and walked out a millionaire.

“(The winner was) crying. He was like ‘too much money, a lot of money,’ ” store clerk Amar Miahas said.

It’s a life-changing chunk of change that will buy more than a few Christmas presents.

“I gotta go spend my lousy $10 right now,” said one eager customer.

Once we started spreading the word, people waiting in line couldn’t resist taking their chances, hoping for a much happier holiday.

“No luck so far. I’ve bought a lot of them here, so maybe I’ll get lucky tonight,” said Rena Garcia.

“Eighty-five bucks, it’s better than nothing, right?” said Aaron Gruen.

The winner didn’t want to speak on camera, but says he plans to parlay his lotto luck into a new house.

“I’m jealous, I don’t know what to say about that,” said Mark Ellis.

The clerk says the same winner snatched up $5,000 on another scratcher before hitting the big one.

The winner might be pushing his luck. Miahas says he’s already back buying new tickets.

The liquor store will receive $5,000 of the winnings. The odds of hitting a million dollars on that scratcher ticket are 1 in 1.2 million.


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