By Kurtis Ming

All week long, we’re looking back at our favorite Call Kurtis stories of the year. Here is producer Adeline Yee’s top three.

We begin with a case we followed into the court room!

“Ms. Steiner has contacted Call Kurtis. We have been interviewed in not the most favorable light,” said Alfred Lee, owner of Power’s Mansion Inn in Auburn.

It all ended up in Placer County Superior Court in October.

Carolyn Steiner and her mom, Jonnie, were suing Lee for keeping their $5,750 deposit.

Two weeks after booking her reception, she canceled. The venue rebooked but refused to refund anything.

“Regardless of whether or not we signed this contract, under California case law, a vendor is not allowed to profit on a cancelled event that has been rebooked,” said Jonnie Steiner.

Lee argued he spent money on advertising and time to tour other brides. In the end, the judge ruled the Steiners should get $3,245 back.

“I was thankful to be getting something back, especially for my parents. Wasn’t my money to begin with,” said Carolynn.

Remember Abby, the Turlock dog that chewed up two $100 bills?

“I bent over and picked it up and saw Benjamin Franklin’s eye,” said Shannon Runca, Turlock resident.

The bank told the Runcas the money was too mutilated to exchange.

We’ve learned most banks will reimburse you if you have 51 percent or more of a bill intact.

If it’s too damaged, you’ll have to go to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in D.C., which can reimburse you for money damaged even by:

  • fire
  • explosives
  • water
  • chemicals
  • animals or insects

After waiting seven months, Ryan got his $200 check, learning an important lesson about Abby.

“Keep the money far far away from the dog,” said Ryan.

“Everyone wants money back and I want to pay them money,” said Trish Jarvis, a Carmichael grandma.

But Trish was struggling to pay Home Depot for her $2,591 in appliances. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get them to listen about the money she owed.

“It’s making me paranoid. I’m too honest,” said Trish.

We got them to listen in May.

Home Depot blamed a computer glitch for never billing her and finally sent Trish a bill with a 10 percent off for her honesty.

Her friends questioned whether she should’ve said anything.

“They say I’m crazy but I just know it would catch up with me,” said Trish.

That 10 percent discount amounted to about $250, not bad for being honest.


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