By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Is a major retailer marking up prices before advertised sales?

A Call Kurtis investigation uncovered price stickers marking up prices — not marking them down, as customers told CBS13 they expected to see. It triggered news reports across the country on Kohl’s sales tactics leading retail consultant David Friedman called “bad practice.”

Call Kurtis continues its look back at the favorite stories of the year with Producer Matt’s Top 3 of 2012.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Dogs Sick and Dying After Eating Jerky Treats

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Steve Herman remembers rushing his long-haired chihuahua Penelope to the vet after she ingested jerky treats made in China.

“We thought we were going to lose her,” he said.

Thousands have complained to the FDA about dogs sick or dying after eating Chinese-made jerky treats dating back to 2007, but the treats are still on shelves because FDA can’t pinpoint a dangerous ingredient.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is calling for the agency to ban imports of the treats.

“Either they do the job or get out of the way and bring somebody in to the FDA who can protect the public interest,” Kucinich told CBS after Call Kurtis’ first investigation aired.

Owner Janie Mabry, whose dog passed away after reportedly ingesting Chinese-made treats, has another idea.

“I think they should make whoever made [the treats] eat them themselves,” she said.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Mark Up to Mark Down

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Getting half off a luxury sheet set, Pattie Woody thought she had a good deal until she saw a second price tag inside the plastic packaging 40 bucks cheaper!

“It really surprised me,” she said.

In February, CBS13 hidden cameras found stickers on top of stickers and sometimes stickers on the outside of a package when there’s a cheaper one inside.

Producer Matt found a sheet set for $104.99 on sale — but the tag inside said it was once $89.99.

The supervisor admitted on hidden camera they mark up products before some sales.

“Sometimes when we do scratch off coupons, we mark stuff up,” he told Producer Matt undercover.

CBS13 asked if kohls was marking up products before marking them down to make sales seem bigger.

The company insisted it wasn’t, and blamed production and material cost increases for increases, just like any other business.

Pattie still thinks she was fooled.

“Now I’m going to check everything,” she said.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Roseville Issuing Outdated Parking Tickets

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The fine on Adam Thompson’s parking ticket showed $54.50 — exactly what he paid. So why did the City of Roseville send him a letter saying he should have paid $62.50, and issuing a $20 late fee?

“I thought it was completely ridiculous,” he said. “I was absolutely enraged.”

A CBS13 investigation uncovered 886 parking tickets written on outdated pads, printed before the city raised parking fines.

“Whoever’s responsible for this should no longer have a job,” said consumer attorney Stuary Talley.

So why didn’t the city order new ticket pads?

“That, I can’t tell you,” said Sgt. Cal Walstead of the Roseville Police Department. “I don’t know right now to be honest with you on that.”

After CBS13 got involved, Roseville ordered new pads and promised to stop going after people for those additional charges on tickets written on old pads.

“My worry is that a lot of people are paying these fees and wrongly so,” Thompson said.

The City also promised refunds for those who overpaid after being told they had to pay more.

CBS13 is told at least two dozen tickets were corrected.


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