CERES (CBS13) – A local woman’s car was stolen with her Christmas gifts inside, but her kids didn’t end up empty handed this holiday.

A dispatcher at a Ceres towing company heard the story and bought the kids more presents.

The dispatcher used her holiday bonus and collected cash to replace what the thieves stole.

When a mother of five came to pick up her recovered stolen car, there was only one thing on her mind.

“She had just done her Christmas shopping. She had been storing her kids’ presents in the trunk of the vehicle,” said Amy Lewis, Anderson’s Towing.

They were gifts for the woman’s five children ranging ages 4 to 13.

“When she got here to check out the vehicle, all the toys were gone, all the gifts were gone,” said Lewis.

Lewis wasted no time jumping into action. She was on a mission to single-handedly save one family’s Christmas.

“Any mother to go through that, that time of year, is probably one of the most horrible feelings ever,” said Lewis.

Lewis secretly learned more about the new additions to her shopping list.

“I friended her on Facebook so I can get idea of what kids look like, and guess their sizes as far as clothing goes,” said Lewis.

The big day came a few days before the holiday. Lewis had to work so she sent her daughter to the stranger’s home with the surprise delivery.

“My heart went out to her. I felt rally bad. It’s Christmas time and you have children expecting toys, and things for Christmas,” said Lewis.

The two have not spoke yet since the delivery, but the woman did send Lewis a very special email Christmas morning.


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