SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A former police officer on the other side of the law is accused of rape.

Some want to make sure he doesn’t get special treatment because of his law enforcement background. An advocacy group for the elderly showed up as accused police predator Gary Baker faced a judge Friday.

As an officer, Baker has been in court often, but Friday was very different. When CBS13 asked him questions, he offered few comments.

Former officer Baker was stoic walking into court. This time he was not the arresting officer, but rather the defendant.

The 22-year Sacramento police veteran was arraigned on multiple counts of rape after allegedly attacking a 78-year-old woman twice in two years, a victim left unable to speak after a stroke. Officers say DNA and surveillance video linked Baker to the crime.

Baker has now been officially arraigned on the charges, but the prosecution didn’t stop there.

Baker, who is out on bond, was served and ordered by the judge to stay away from his alleged elderly victim.

“It’s just really very troubling that it would be a law enforcement officer like that,” Carole Herman said.

Herman is the president of the Foundation Aiding The Elderly. She says the allegations are overwhelming, and they will be making sure Baker gets no special treatment.

“If he is guilty of this crime, he certainly didn’t give that victim any special treatment, quite the contrary, and the public should be aware of it,” said Herman.

Meanwhile, Baker’s attorney had little to say.

“We have just been arraigned on the charges. We need an opportunity to review the police reports, and we look forward to our participation in the process in order to clear Officer Baker’s name,” said Linda Parisi.

Baker did not enter a plea, so he will be back in court on Jan. 17. In the meantime, Baker is out of a job. He was fired after his arrest.


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