SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Just hours after a New Year’s Eve shooting that killed two people, Old Sacramento was still seeing a crowd of tourists and shoppers passing right by the crime tape on Tuesday.

Known for its historic charm, Old Sacramento is now rattled by killing and the chaos that followed, but the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes the shooting doesn’t destroy the decades of work to bring new life to the area.

“Last night was an isolated incident, a very unfortunate one, but really not reflective of the history of this event,” Senior Vice President Mike Testa said of the annual New Year’s Eve Celebration in Old Town. “It’s unfortunate and it’s sad, but the reality is that Old Sacramento remains a vibrant place.

Stores like the Garden of Enchantment right across the street were open through all the New Year’s Eve madness.

“I see a stream of people this side of running into the store going ‘Oh my god, there’s been shots fired, there’s been a shooting,'” said store employee Jeanie Glockner.

They opened their doors to a lot of frantic families, trying to provide calm during the chaos.

“We try to make it a place of peace, comfort and safety,” Glockner said.

The longtime employee says while the shots scared her, she’s more fearful that people will stay away now.

“We have people who came as kids who now bring their kids,” she said. “I want people who feel they can still bring their kids down here.”

Their business and the economy of Old Sac depend on tourism. Now they worry the news of a shooting will be the headline people take home.

“Don’t be afraid to come out at night,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to come out.”


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