ANTELOPE (CBS13) – As we say goodbye to 2012, one Antelope couple is looking to reunite with the centerpiece of their Christmas display.

“Baby Jesus was no longer in the manger,” said Mary Conroy.

But, Mary couldn’t miss it.

“It’s all usually nailed down inside,” said Mary.

At some point overnight on Friday, somehow, someone got away with Baby Jesus, and it wasn’t that easy.

“They had to actually climb in the manger, find the right cords, unplug it, and take it away,” she said.

Nothing else was touched. It’s a theft marring a holiday display that keeps getting bigger and better every year.

“It takes me a good two weeks,” said Todd Conroy. “I don’t know what would possess someone to take such an integral part of our Christmas away.”

The Conroys don’t know why, but who did it might be a little less of a mystery.

“I’m thinking some of the kids in the neighborhood got a little crazy one night and walked away with it,” said Mary.

“Santa Claus is comin’ to town,” said Todd.

This 20-year tradition will go on again next year, and the Conroys hope the same Baby Jesus will once again be the star of the show.

“We’d hope somebody would just drop it back where it was,” said Todd.

The Conroys say they took extra precautions to keep the manger scene intact this year. They used metal stakes to tie down the statues because of the storms and high wind the past few weeks.


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