The guys are back! And Don kicks off the first show of 2013 by telling us why his vacation sucked! Apparently Don caught the flu over the break, and he’s more than certain he got it from G.M. Steve, who’s battling a bug of his own. We hear about Don’s two weeks off, including the Bobby Slayton show, and the “indifferent” fans that were there, the CBS Radio Christmas Party that the guys all attended, Don’s buddy’s “backup light” game, and bowling with his family. The guys also discuss Noodles’ tweets over the vacation about his new girlfriend, and the guys are pretty sure he’s making her up.

Don then tells us about a website he found that has nothing but pictures of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler with cigarettes photo shopped in his mouth, and Don also tells us the Jay Cutler “Doooon’t Caaaaare!” story. Then Don and Little Joe geek out on Call Of Duty Black Ops, which they’re both apparently hooked on now. After LJ tells his Christmas story about his son Jack playing his new video game, Don gives Abe Vigoda a call, to talk about the passing of Jack Klugman, and we hear about a new fan site.

Drew also tells us that he broke up with his girlfriend, but that it had NOTHING to do with Piper Rae. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve tops the ratings, TV reminders, and a paparazzi gets hit and killed by a car while trying to photograph Justin Bieber. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a Caller 100!


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