SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Did a former police officer accused of a brutal rape get special treatment because of his badge?

Gary Baker is the former Sacramento police officer charged with rape. He’s out of jail on bond, but he didn’t get released like everyone else.

CBS13 has learned that Baker had help sneaking out of jail past our cameras the day he was released. About two weeks ago, CBS13 was prepared to ask the former police officer tough questions as he walked out, but we weren’t given that option. Now the sheriff’s department admits their deputies helped sneak Baker out.

For years, even the most high-profile defendants have been forced to walk out of the front doors of Sacramento County Jail, but one recent release went differently.

“I can certainly see how on the surface that may be a valid argument to make,” said Sgt. Jason Ramos of how poorly this reflects on the department.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is now offering their regret after CBS13 uncovered that Baker was allowed out a back door upon bonding out of jail. In turn, he avoided our cameras and our questions.

Baker, accused of multiple counts of rape on a 78-year-old disabled woman, was given an option most other defendants are not.

“This was a decision made by a couple of line-level supervisors who were on duty at the jail at the time,” said Ramos.

Civil rights attorney Jeffrey Kravitz says, at face value, it’s law enforcement officers helping one of their own.

“It appears that they’ve treated this guy differently,” said Kravitz. “If there’s no policy about allowing anyone at the prison to avoid the press, then this is wrong. Because what they’ve done here is show favoritism to a police officer.”

“He should have been released out the front door like the overwhelming majority of inmates are,” said Ramos.

The sheriff’s spokesman says a host of factors went into how Baker left the jail, including his security. But after investigating, it appears none of those reasons have satisfied Sheriff Scott Jones.

“We’re not robots. We’re subject to imperfections and indiscretions, and this is a good example of that,” said Ramos.

No policy is in place, so no disciplinary action is likely, but jail staff will be notified.


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