SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some students might be able to receive a bachelor’s degree for just $10,000. One local lawmaker believes it’s do-able.

Assemblyman Dan Logue has a plan: begin taking college courses before teens get their high school diploma.

“A lot of requirements will have been done in high school and junior college, and the junior college is about $26 per credit,” said Logue.

With the high school head start, students would graduate with their four-year degree in as little as 18 months. The savings per household could top $30,000.

“That would be handy, because it wouldn’t matter how long it took,” Sacramento State student Leigh McAllister said. “You’d be paying ten grand and that would be it.”

With debt piling up, Vishal Sharma says he would have gladly taken courses earlier if it meant avoiding $60,000 in loans.

“I even took college courses in high school, and I still had to pay that much money,” said Sharma.

There’s another big catch. The $10,000-degree would only apply to majors with jobs in high demand.

“Science, math, internet, technology,” Logue.

But with a California State University education currently running about $5,400 per year, it may be worth finding a new major.

“I would have to think about it; I would consider it,” Sacramento State student Emmitt Smith said.

If passed, the bill would bring high schools, community colleges and California State Universities together to help offer the needed classes.


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