It’s time for the “2012 Doni Awards!” Among the categories this year: The Goofiest Looking Person At The Station, The Hottest Girl In The Station, Most Likely To Go Nuts And Shoot Up The Station, and Best Show Moment. After the Doni’s have been handed out, Don calls a few of the lucky winners, including Sweaty Sean, Steve Goss, and Noodles!

Don then introduces the guys to a new educational film, this time from 1955, called “Your Body During Adolescence.” After the guys marvel at how human bodies have evolved since the 50’s, we hear clips of Kathy Griffin on Letterman last night, Sam Jackson challenging an interviewer to drop the “N” bomb, and “Twilight” star Bronson Pelletier peeing on the carpet of an airport terminal.

After another edition of “Don Gets The Cash Call,” and Craig educates the guys on al-Jazeera, It’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, Meredith Vieira drops the “S” bomb on “Today,” Wendy’s new discount menu, and a stripper falls from a balcony while doing a lap dance. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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