It’s the first KAZOO Friday of 2013 on The Jason Ross Show and we started off by discussing the NFL wild card games this weekend. Out of the 8 teams playing this weekend, who has the best chance of making the Super Bowl?

Rex Ryan is spotted with a tattoo of his wife with a #6 Sanchez jersey on his arm. We asked listeners what athlete they would tattoo on their body.

Later we talk about David Akers surgery for a double sports hernia and why this news did not come out earlier. Will Billy Cundiff be the hot leg for the Niners next weekend?

Heisman winner Tim Brown joins the Jason Ross show to talk about Notre Dame taking on Alabama in the BCS National Championship game Monday night. He also talks about the NFL and what the Raiders need to do in the offseason to become a successful team
J-Ross and Deuce choose who they think will win each wild card matchup for this big NFL weekend. NFL writer Clark Judge comes on the show later to talk about each NFL match up for the weekend. He also touches on how Ray Lewis announcing his retirement will bring a new type of energy for the Ravens on Sunday.

And once again the two face off in another City Battle. Jason talks about the great city of Baltimore as Deuce rebuttals with his Indianapolis piece.


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