STOCKTON (CBS13) – A father and his teen son came face-to-face with armed thieves outside their home Saturday night.

The victims were roughed up, and robbed. They were then forced inside their home, stripped down, and bound with duct tape.

“Those are some sick (expletive) that did it,” neighbor Ana said.

Neighbors were reacting strongly after learning what happened here at the Horizon Apartments.

“It is very disgusting, disturbing too,” said one neighbor.

Police say around 6 p.m. Saturday, a father and his 13-year-old son were returning to their apartment when they were approached by a man with a shotgun.

He forced them into their home. He then duct taped the two, but only after demanding they strip out of their clothes.

“That’s sick,” said Ana.

Nearby parents like Ana, who’ve actually met the boy, are angry.

“He’s 13, he’s going to do some obnoxious stuff, but not enough to tie him up and do that to him,” she said.

“Not only going after the dad, but going after the 13-year-old, they took it to a whole different level,” said Officer Joe Silva.

Police say along with the man with the gun, two other men then came in to help ransack the home with the victims restrained.

“This is a very active investigation, where our investigators are trying to figure out exactly why these suspects targeted these victims,” said Silva.

Those living in the area are now locking up even tighter, knowing even their children aren’t off limits.

“That’s sick, I just hope they find him,” said Ana.

Police say the suspects were able to get away with a gaming system, cash, and the father’s cell phone.


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