ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Last November she was discovered after being hit by a car and left for dead; but when the feral dog finally arrived to the veterinary’s office, they realized her injuries were much worse.

The stray shepherd mix was riddled with BBs. Vets at Johnson Ranch Veterinary Clinic believe people used the dog as target practice.

She arrived nearly dead after being run down by a car in North Highlands, but some cutting-edge animal rehab has her on the road to recovery. Old Lady went from almost dead to a pampered pooch.

“That is his little pride and joy, his little baby, and he just absolutely loves her,” said Lelani Jastrumske, Old Lady’s new owner.

Hugh Lee fell in love with Old Lady several months ago when she first arrived. He used to feed her at work every day before her accident.

“Every day when I was at work, she would come find me, sit by me. And then, to see that happen to her, there was no way I was going to give up on that dog,” Old Lady’s new owner, Hugh Lee, said.

Love is nothing short of what Old Lady deserves after what she’s been through. Hit by a car and used as target practice, she’s now in rehab to fix her leg.

“Regain strength in her leg, start making sure her muscles grow back after she got hit by the car on her shoulder, it kind of deteriorated and didn’t want to use it,” said Jastrumske.

However, those are only the wounds you can see. Old Lady is still scared of strangers and cars.

“If she gets near the front of the car, it’s like post-traumatic stress. She just freaks out,” said Lee.

While she may still look sad and unsure, when strangers aren’t around, she’s all smiles.

“She’s part of my family. I couldn’t imagine a better companion,” said Lee.

Old Lady’s rehab was supposed to only last six weeks but is still ongoing. The rehabilitation center is keeping her on until she is fully healed at no cost to her new owners.


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