SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A mother admits she tried to steal food from a south Sacramento grocery store but said she was roughed up by security guards who caught her in the act.

There are two very different sides to the story that landed not only the woman but her husband behind bars and their children in protective custody.

Joshua Head, 27, and Telesa Pearson, 24

Joshua Head, 27, and Telesa Pearson, 24

This all happened Sunday at the Food Source on Mack Road. The police say that Telesa Pearson, 24, was shoplifting and that her and her husband were resisting arrest.

Telesa Pearson admits she was wrong, but said she was stealing food to feed her young children.

“I made a mistake and you have to pay for your mistakes,” she said. “Times are tough right now. You have to do what you have to do to get by.”

But she says after being caught, she was attacked by security at the store while the security guards tried to take her 2-year-old and 3-month-old children.

“He also elbowed me right in my face and left a big bruise,” she said. “That was totally unprofessional.”

The police were called to the scene. They say that Pearson was enraged. They cited her for misdemeanor theft and had her call her husband to pick up them up.

“My husband said, ‘What happened to your face?’ and he looked at my hands because they left marks,” she said.

Pearson says her husband, Joshua Head, 27, went back in the store to confront the security guards.

“He said ‘You don’t touch a woman, let alone my wife,'” she said, “and then his friend socked my husband straight in the face.”

The police say that Head went back to start trouble. They used a stun gun on him before arresting both parents and taking the kids.

They bailed out of jail later Sunday night. The kids were back with their parents Monday, but now both face court dates.

“It’s not something I’m glad I did,” she said. “I do regret it.”

The police also say that Pearson left her 2-year-old child alone for several minutes, but she denies that.

Pearson says she’s now considering taking legal action against the store security.


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