SACRAMENTO (AP) — Prosecutors say a 71-year-old Sacramento attorney has been sentenced for misappropriating funds and over his fee collection practices.

The Sacramento Bee reports that after pleading no contest to grand theft and to three misdemeanor counts of collecting illegal upfront fees for loan modification services, Frank Ferris was ordered Tuesday to serve one year in the county jail, pay more than $72,000 in restitution and serve five years of probation.

Prosecutors say while representing a client in a civil case, Ferris collected $10,000 intended for a settlement and instead took the money for personal use.

Additionally, prosecutors say Ferris failed to return $50,000 he received from another client and instead wrote that client non-sufficient-fund checks.

In a separate matter, Ferris also collected illegal upfront payments for mortgage modification services before services were performed.

The Bee says Ferris may be allowed to serve his time through alternative sentencing.

(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.)


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