Don is back from his bout with the flu, and he starts the show by talking about how much radio has changed since he left in 2007, especially how listeners don’t call up radio shows very often anymore. So he tells us that later on in the morning, he’ll be bringing back the “phone scan” from his Don and Mike days, in order to generate callers. He also tells us about the husband of Janet’s late sister, and the shady things he’s doing to Janet’s family, including the bizarre circumstances in Janet’s sister’s death, how he handled the situation, the $12K he owes Janet’s dad, and how he won’t let anyone see her cremated remains. After the guys discuss the overwhelming shadiness of the whole situation, the guys talk a little football, including the Packers/49ers game this Saturday night, and whether or not RG3 should have come out of the Redskins/Seahawks game sooner. We also hear Al Roker tell us about the time he crapped his pants at the White House!

Don then does his first “Phone Scan” of the year, inviting listeners to ask him anything. The guys also throw in their own topics to discuss with the listeners as well, and just as Don had hoped, a flood of calls come! The guys also discuss the hotness of A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, before we get a visit from comedian Tom Papa. Tom, who is performing at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco Thursday through Sunday, talks about working with Jerry Seinfeld in “The Marriage Ref,” what Jerry’s like in real life, the new Liberace biopic he’s in with Matt Damon (“Behind The Candelabra”), and the comedians who helped him out along the way.

After Don tells us about a woman finding brains in her KFC, and plays us a video of the “100 Worst Pickup Lines Ever,” It’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom tells us that Katt Williams missed his court appearance in Sacramento, and a warrant is out for his arrest, Ryan Lochte has a reality show on E! And we get the box office numbers from the past weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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