SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Kings fans are frustrated and unhappy about the rumors that the team might be sold to an investor who would move the team to Seattle.

On the airways and through mall walkways, the Kings possible exodus out of Sacramento is once again front and center.

At CBS Sports 1140, Jason Ross was slammed with callers sounding off on the radio.

“So you got fans that are always going to be all in, or got a fan base that’s disenchanted with a lot of this stuff,” said Ross.

“I want a freaking answer, you know? I want to know what’s going on. If they’re gonna leave, leave,” said one caller.

That caller went on to say it’s been like a bad relationship as the Maloofs have been stringing Sacramento along. But many people hope there isn’t a break-up, and the love is still strong.

Chris Tate sells Kings gear at Arden Fair Mall, and says it’s not just about basketball, but the city’s identity.

“We’re gonna lose a big part of, I think, Sacramento here. It’s good to have a team; it brings people together,” said Tate.

Season ticket holder Elena Navaro wore her Kings jersey for good luck Wednesday morning, hoping it still means something in the coming weeks.

“I figured I might wear it. Might as well, may be one of the last times,” Navaro said.

She admits she loves the Kings but can’t stand the Maloofs, who she blames for all of this.

“They’re a mess. They are horrible businessmen,” Navaro said.


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