By Tony Lopez

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The Placer County SPCA is holding a special promotion to help find homes for some heavy cats by waving the adoption fees during January.

When you see them, your first thought might be, “these cats aren’t fat.” However, at 14 pounds each, they are considered overweight.

They are part of the Placer County SPCA promotion urging people to start the new year with big love for a full-figured feline.

“We consider a full-figured feline any cat over 12 pounds,” said Laura Birdsall.

SPCA has 18 portly pussycats weighing a combined 215 pounds. All of them are young adults with no major problems, other than the extra junk in their trunk.

“So these are young healthy cats that really just need to have that restricted diet, a little bit more exercise to lose the weight that they need to be healthy,” said Birdsall.

All have been returned by their owners for various reasons. Cocoa didn’t get along with another kitty. Pixel kept eating food out of the fridge. But all eat up loving affection, big love for big cats.

Speaking of hefty, waiving the adoption fee for these full-figured felines will save you some fat cash, $25. Throw in the warmth of a chubby cuddle buddy, and that just might take the weight off the worry of those winter blues.

The SPCA wants to remind new owners that once they get these large felines home to not just sit there and watch them. They need exercise so they can go from fat to fluffy.

For more information on this promotion, or to adopt a cat, visit the Placer SPCA website.


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