The day begins with a visit from Good Day Sacramento’s Cambi Brown, who is here to talk about a tweet that was made by the daughter of an NBA players agent about the Kings moving to Seattle. After the guys show Good Day the tweets that Don’s been receiving from famous people regarding the Kings, Cambi hangs out for a bit, and Don tells her the Nick Toma story, and gives away the nicknames the guys have for certain Good Day personalities. We also learn a bit about the lovely Cambi, who apparently had a few classes with Craig at Sac State.

After Cambi, Don tells us about teenage girls who are cutting themselves to get Justin Bieber to quit smoking pot, and we hear a few new pop mash ups, including Phil Collins mashed up with Katy Perry, and Jackson 5 mashed up with Taylor Swift. Don then reads a creepy interview with a guy who had sex with a dolphin and wrote book about it, before doing another phone scan with the listeners, and taking callers to join Drew at the Kings game on Saturday.

After Don reads a poll on what things are more popular than Congress, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Budweiser’s new “Black Crown” beer to debut at the Super Bowl, the Razzy nominations have been announced, and Beyonce, James Taylor, and Kelly Clarkson will sing at the Presidential Inauguration. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

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