SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – About 100 people packed a community meeting in midtown Sacramento, getting input from police regarding the recent rise in crime.

From shootings to robberies, those were all concerns of people living in midtown, who came to a community meeting to find out what officers are doing to do to protect them and what they can do to protect themselves.

“Now I’m a little more concerned about walking at night,” midtown resident Linda Sabella said.

A homicide outside a J Street nightclub last year, along with a rash of muggings and street robberies, is among some of the crimes that have people concerned.

“They came into my apartment; they came into my bedroom, I screamed,” resident Jennifer Kim said of her ordeal.

Cat burglars broke into Kim’s midtown home just before Christmas, and her car was broken into twice. Despite these crimes, she’s determined to live in the neighborhood she loves.

“Because of the close proximity of the events, I was pretty shaken up,” Kim said.

Police say they are responding. With at least one arrest, and no assaults in 10 days, officers feel they have the upper hand on the crime spree that has plagued this popular part of town.

“I’m trying to not let it get to me, but it is still scary what happened,” said Kim.

Now, different neighborhood associations meet throughout the year. People say Thursday’s meeting was helpful, and they did learn that officers are paying close attention. But of course, anytime you talk about street robberies, people are always concerned.


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